Episode 1

The Underwater Set
The set was craned into a purpose built tank.
The Underwater Set
Large concrete weights were added to keep it in place
The Rig
The tank was filled and the water filtered and heated for the shoot.
The Rig
I wanted to keep underwater lighting to a minimum so the truss rig above was designed to light as much of the set as possible
The Rig
3 x 18kw Alpha units were hung to give vertical shafts of light through the grates. 3 x 18kw fresnels were hung to light through the openings on the side of the set. 1 x 6kw Goya gave a soft fill where required. All the lamps needed various degrees on plus green gel depending on the color of the water on the day.
Lukas Ettlin
The Director takes a dip
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